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About Us

In 2003, a love of surf and effortless personal style inspired Jennifer Hinton and Thayer Sylvester to found Carve Designs. Begun as a surf apparel company selling rashguards and boardshorts, Carve Designs has grown into a complete beach lifestyle brand; offering surf, swim, balance, and lifestyle clothing. Carve Designs is dedicated to providing effortless feminine clothing that actually fit real women while keeping  us connected to the calm content feeling that inspires us at the beach. The women of Carve Designs are determined to push the boundaries of outdoor apparel and prove that functional can be fashionable and well-fitting. The clothes are designed to be as inspirational and versatile as the women who wear them. Jennifer and Thayer continue to stay true to the vision they created over 13 years ago, providing stylish apparel targeted to women actively engaged in the outdoor world.


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Mindful of the environment in which we live, Carve Designs uses sustainable fabric as much as possible. We choose Organic Cotton, made in non-genetically modified plants and without pesticides. With increasing frequency, we choose Modal, a biodegradable fabric that comes from beech trees, and reduces Carve's chemical burden on the environment.  We also choose Tencel ®, a natural fiber derived from quickly renewable eucalyptus trees. Tencel requires less water than cotton to produce and is completely biodegradable. We truly believe that using these earth-friendly yarns will help keep Mother Earth healthy and happy.




Carve Designs fosters deep relationships with its California-based factories that make the high-quality swimwear and rash-guards  we sell. Domestic manufacturing supports the U.S. economy, creates U.S. jobs, and minimizes the transit of product from origin to consumer. That minimizes our company's carbon footprint. And the U.S. sets the global standard for workplace conditions, ensuring that the workers in Carve Designs' factories are well compensated and treated fairly. We remain deeply committed to U.S. manufacturing.

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