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Where Have These Been All My Life? 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live Without Surf Leggings

Where Have These Been All My Life? 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live Without Surf Leggings

While theres always a lot that can go very, very right at the beach, there are also a few pitfalls that weve all fallen victim to more than once. As weve lived and learned, surf leggings have become one of our favorite weapons for preventing beach day malfunctions. Here are five reasons why.

  • No sunscreen, no problem. Our favorite surf leggings provide SPF 50 that wont wear off no matter how many waves you ride or how many times you towel off. Added bonus: No crazy tan lines.
  • Leave the sand at the beach. While were no strangers to rocking some cheeky bikini bottoms, were also no strangers to the chafed skin and sandy souvenirs that we sometimes accidentally bring home. Full coverage surf leggings keep sand where it belongs: not inside your swim suit.
  • Versatility like whoa. Want to hike or jog to the beach? Want to grab a bite to eat afterwards?  Planning to head to yoga later in the day? No need to pack extra clothes when youre rocking the swim leggings. They dry in a flash and look just as at home at the cafe as they do when youre hanging ten.
  • Because sometimes a girl doesnt want to commit. When its a bit too warm for a wetsuit, but not quite vacation-in-Bali warm, swim leggings have you covered (literally). The 4-way stretch tricot fabric protects your skin from the elements and eases you into chilly waters just a tad, but the lightweight and breathable design ensure that youll still be a cool customer on the beach.
  • Flattery will get you everywhere. The Hampton Capri has all the right seams in all the right places, creating a long, lean look that shows off your best assets without showing off too much. Slanted side seams create a sweeping vertical line while a custom back yolk detail creates visual lift, and rouching at the leg opening keeps everything playful and fun. These pants just get it.


Dont worry, well never turn our backs on our favorite bikini bottoms. Some days just call for more coverage and more versatility, though, and surf leggings have quickly become our favorite multi-tasking wardrobe staple. Where should we wear them next?!