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Cruising: Lake Life on Lake George, NY

Lake George is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw; formed by a contour of mountains into a basin…finely interspersed with islands, its water limpid as crystal, and the mountain side covered with rich groves….” – Thomas Jefferson, May 31, 1791

You can’t argue with Thomas Jefferson when you first lay eyes on Lake George. Located in the Adirondack State Park of upstate New York, this lake offers both unparalleled beauty and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure.

 Lake George, NY  

A perfect day at Lake George starts and ends in a bathing suit. In fact, you don’t even need to pack underwear. When the sun peaks over the mountains at 6am, the water is glass. Perfect time to head down to the dock for an early morning wakeboard or waterski session. Afterwards, enjoy some coffee and breakfast on the porch as you watch the activity on the lake heat up.

 Next, it’s time to grab your climbing gear, hop in the kayaks, and paddle over to one of the best climbs in the northeast, Rogers’ Rock Slide.  Stow your boats at the base of the rock wall that rises straight out of the water and climb up a beautiful crack to 800 feet. Enjoy the spectacular views of the lake as your reward and rappel right down to the water. Time for another swim!

Hillary Waite, Climbing Rogers Rock and Slide, Lake George, NY   

If you’re not a climber, hit the trail for an easy hike to the top of Cook Mountain at the northernmost end of the lake.  Enjoy views down the lake and have a picnic lunch on top. Soon the sparkling lake will tempt you down for another swim.

 Lake George, NY

 Hike or paddle back to the dock for a relaxing afternoon reading your favorite summer romance novel and hopping in the crystal blue water whenever the urge moves you. As the sun gets low in the sky, it’s time to throw on a summer dress and grab a drink for the booze cruise. There’s nothing like sipping a cocktail as you cruise along the shore enjoying the last rays of sun. Take a swim right off the boat to cool down before heading back to the dock for a BBQ.


After dinner, it’s time to hop in the car and hit up the best soft-serve around at The Wind-Chill Factory.  Order a Large and see if you can eat it all. Once you’ve had your fill, head back to the lake for one last (skinny) dip before bed -- the only time of the day when you don’t need your suit. Hang your favorite suit out to dry on the banister because you will definitely need it all day tomorrow.

 Sunset, Lake George, NY

Hillary Waite is our guest blogger this month. She developed her love of water while spending summers on Lake George. She has surfed, hiked and skiied her way across four continents and is currently working on expanding her activities to be mountain-based (and little kid friendly) in her new home in Colorado.  

Photo credits to: Hillary Waite, Brendan Condit