Dry: Wet: Dry. Again.

Dry: Wet: Dry. Again.

Our lives are predictably unpredictable, and we never know exactly where any given day will take us. Between the checklists and the to-do lists, we’re always squeezing in an adventure. Sometimes that adventure is a run on the beach that turns into a leisurely hunt for seaglass. Sometimes it’s a seaglass hunt that turns into a swim. Sometimes it’s hot yoga that turns into a coffee date. Sometimes it’s a hike that turns into cliff jumping because if you happen upon a perfect swimming hole how are you supposed to resist it? We respect the unexpected ways that adventures unfold here at Carve Designs, so we’ve designed our clothing in versatile fabrics that perform on land as well as they do in water, and look as great with flip flops as they do with hiking boots or espadrilles. Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite versatile pieces for whatever the day holds.    


The Jupiter Sunshirt. As the name implies, this bad boy was designed with the sun in

mind. SPF 50 and quick dry 4-way stretch tricot fabric make this an obvious choice for all your beach activities, but a loose fit with banded waist and a peek-a-boo tie closure in back make this shirt fit right in at the farmer’s market or the hiking trail as well.





The Keanu Tank. Built-in shelf bra. Cute rouch-ing. SPF 50. The Keanu tank is the athleisure heroine of the Summer. Whether your activity level gravitates towards yoga, running, SUP, or simply full-contact errand running, this tank has you covered.



The Mercer’s semi-sheer polyester fabric makes this the ultimate layering tee, whether it’s right over your wet bikini top after a dawn patrol surf session, over the Keanu tank on the way to yoga, or over a plain camisole for coffee with besties.  



The SurfsUp Short Pull-on styling? Pockets? Quick dry fabric? Comfortable 3 inch inseam? Check, check, check, check. If you asked these shorts what they wanted to do this Summer, their answer would undoubtedly be, “what don’t we want to do this Summer?”



The Seaside Skirt  This cutie wins the #CantEven

wardrobe prize this Summer. We can’t even believe how cute these bright prints are, how comfortable the optional fold-over waistband and quick-dry fabric are, and how flattering the adjustable length is on every girl we know. We’re obsessed.


We design versatile clothes because we’re versatile women. We work hard, play hard, love hard, and laugh hard. We are beach-goers and trail runners and sunshine seekers who find balance by keeping things simple. Our wardrobe is no exception: Simple, versatile, balanced. What are your favorite versatile pieces for Summer? Show us by tagging your pics with #CarveDesigns.

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