5 Reasons Surfers LOVE These Swim Leggings & Tights

5 Reasons Surfers LOVE These Swim Leggings & Tights

We're dreaming of vacation.... and wearing our favorite Swim Leggings & Tights!

Surf Leggings & Tights

Whether we're chilling with our girlfriends or surfing in Mexico, here are the top 5 reasons surfers love Carve Designs swim leggings and tights.

Super-flattering fit.

Our leggings create a long, lean look that lets you shows off your best assets (so to speak). Slanted side seams offer a sweeping vertical line while ruching at the leg opening keeps it playful and fun. 

No sunscreen necessary.

Our favorite swim leggings provide SPF 50 that won’t wear off no matter how many waves you ride or how many times you towel off. (Added bonus: No crazy tan lines!)

Walk, run, swim, snooze.

Want to hit a morning yoga class? Run a few errands around town afterwards? No need to pack extra clothes when you’re rocking our swim leggings. They dry in a flash and look just as good at home and the cafe as they do when you’re hanging ten.

Keep cool; keep warm

When it’s too warm for a wetsuit, but not bathtub-warm like the Caribbean, swim leggings are your BFF. The stretch tricot fabric helps you ease into chilly waters, while the lightweight, breathable design keeps you cool as you soak up the sun (trashy novel optional).

Magic protection from sand. Sure, we love the beach, but not the sandy souvenirs that we sometimes (accidentally, of course) bring home. Full coverage swim leggings keep sand where it belongs: not inside your swimsuit.


We offer our surf tights and leggings in lots of pretty colors, lengths and styles. Take a look!


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