Friday Distractions: Dirty Monkey

Friday Distractions: Dirty Monkey

Thanks to Meghan for this submission of a Friday distraction. She submitted this surf classic that she tried out with her SUP paddle group - the SUNDOWNERZ! which meets on Wednesday nights. Great idea Meghan - where do we sign up? 

The Dirty Monkey is sweet, simple and FRISKY! a great addition to our cocktail lineup and totally outside of our usual! We also love this simpler version that Meghan sent  - 

One can of low fat coconut milk

2 - 3 frozen bananas 

A few solid pours of Rum (Meghan uses Sailor Jerry)

Blend in a high speed blender and top with cinnamon


Throw in a little Bahamas music (Lost in the Light is our favorite track right now) and we are ready for the weekend! 

Do you have a Friday distraction? We would love to hear about it! E-Mail us at 

Photo (and recipe) credit to TheHungryCouple blog. Check them out for other great cocktails, travel tips and recipes - highlighted with beautiful food photography! 


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