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Friday Distractions: Fleet Week

Friday Distractions: Fleet Week

By Friday, before the Fleet Week weekend, some folks in downtown San Francisco are starting to get over being buzzed by practicing jets.  Sometimes they are so close that the windows rattle. Other folks find it an adrenaline rush - once a year we get to experience the sheer awesomeness of jets, and great big aircraft carriers and navy ships. No matter your views on the military-industrial complex, you have to admit that the stuff, and the people who fly and drive the stuff, are pretty great.

Like the actual sailors - walking around on land in packs in their white white sailor uniforms. Fred Astaire anyone? 

So in honor of Fleet Week, I am making Aviations.  See the recipe here. The creme de violette makes the pretty purple, but feel free to skip in a pinch -tastes good without it.