Friday Distractions (& Giveaway!): Sticking to Your Resolutions

Friday Distractions (& Giveaway!): Sticking to Your Resolutions

5 Tips for Sticking to Your Resolutions Without Beating Yourself Up

It’s beginning to feel a lot like January, amiright? The holiday chaos (and bloat) is finally on its way out, work emails are coming in hot once again, and we’re all walking that New Year’s resolution tightrope between determined optimism and nagging self-doubt. Whether your New Year’s resolutions were many or few, big or small, personal or professional, sticking to them requires both hard work and extending yourself some grace, so we’ve compiled our five best tips for finding that balance all year long.

  1. Get in a positive mindset. Rather than just focusing on things you’d like to quit or give up, think of your resolutions as opportunities to add more good stuff into your life, too. If you’re hoping to break that sugar habit or stop texting while driving, for example, try adding an afternoon cup of hot tea when you might normally crave sweets or getting hooked on an uplifting podcast while you drive. Forming new habits instead of just focusing on what you’re hoping to give up encourages more positive thinking and lets you focus your energies on doing something enjoyable.
  2. Drink more water. No matter what your resolutions include, drinking more water will probably help you achieve them. Getting plenty of water all day long will help you feel fuller and thus less likely to crave snacks, it will help your body flush out toxins, it reduces the buildup of lactic acid that causes post-exercise muscle soreness, and we find that it helps our skin look better, too. Another trick? Make every trip to the water fountain a chance to think of one thing you’re grateful for that day. Instant mood lifter.
  3. Find a buddy. If New Year’s resolutions were easy to stick to we wouldn’t have to resolve to do them, they’d just come naturally. Make them a little easier by recruiting a friend to help hold you accountable to whatever it is you’re hoping to accomplish, maybe going so far as to ask your friend to check in with you nightly or weekly so you know you’ll have to answer to someone. Bonus: Your friend can also help offer some perspective when you’re feeling stuck or down. Think of it as having your own personal cheerleader.
  4. Celebrate small victories. Momentum counts for a lot when it comes to tackling new goals, but it can be easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Made it three days in a row of hitting the gym or making a healthy breakfast or whatever it is you’re resolving to do more of in 2018? That calls for treating yourself to an uninterrupted bubble bath. Hit the two week mark and still on track? We think that deserves a new pair of leggings (shop our full collection here).
  5. Keep starting. The bad news? Nearly every resolution will encounter some setbacks along the way. Someone will get sick or a last minute appointment will derail your best laid plans. It happens. The good news? You can put those setbacks behind you and start fresh the next day. You can do that over and over if you have to. Just. Keep. Starting.



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Shovels & Rope

We're bringin' you good music vibes to kick your 2018 off right with Birmingham, by Shovels & Rope. Shovels & Rope is a folk duo from Charleston, South Carolina composed of husband and wife Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst. Combining threads from their individual solo careers, Shovels & Rope blends traditional folk, rock and roll, country rock, and punk rock. Listen to our Friday Distractions playlist here.


January Giveaway

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Whatever you’re hoping to accomplish or experience in 2018, we’re rooting for you. We hope it’s your best year yet, full of all the things that make you feel like your very best self. And we hope you’re dressed comfortably and stylishly for all of it. Have a great weekend and CARVE ON! 

xo The Carve Designs Team

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