Friday Distractions:  Global Beach Vibes

Friday Distractions: Global Beach Vibes

It's Friday, let's get distracted and go on a little mental vacation...

The FD (Friday Distractions) blog is meant to be a little distraction in your day to get you through the last week day and finally into your weekend.  So today, join us on this journey to a land far far away from here...image your self on your last trip, weather it be in the same state, to the beach, to a foreign country or simply on a fantastic hike or dip in the lake.  If your like us, you pick up mementos from those adventures.  Artifacts, art, stones, pinecones....whatever you find along the way that catches you eye.  Why not bring those items into your home in an artful way and use them as fantastic design elements rather than collecting dust somewhere.  When you place them out and about, hanging on the wall or some other creative use, they remind you of your trip and bring you back to that place, if only for an instance...a little mental vacation if you will. This blog post if a perfect example of the Global Inspired Decor, with a bit of beach flair....the perfect interior design marriage if you ask us!  Become inspired to pull some of your vacation treasure out of hiding and breath new life into your home.


globa beach


Our Carve pick of the week is our *new* Mesa Top.  Sexy as it is sporty. Fringe for a little extra style. Loose for a little extra comfort.  This felt like the right pick this week as it is a perfect Summer into Fall layer as it is light weight, and it's just the thing to wear on your final summer trips.  Pack this extra layer that you can wear on a hike or walking around a city all day, then pair it with black jeans for a night out.  100% versatile and extremely fashionable.  It comes in two colors: Dust and Black.


Santigolds, Chasing Shadows has the cool factor.  Imagine your in your home, tripping down vacation memory lane.  This is the song you play that gives you that "women are ferocious" "I'm cooler than Kat Von D" kinda vibe.  Defiantly need a couple of those tunes on your play list...listen up!  Enjoy!


Happy Friday and Carve on! XO

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