Friday Distractions: Heavy Hitters

Friday Distractions: Heavy Hitters

YAY YAY YAY!  It's FriYAY!  
Today's Friday Distractions is going to lay it right on you with some heavy hitters and some classic staples that will basically make your summer complete.  A song you'll play all summer long, a drink you will drink morning, noon and night and a shirt that you can wear 24-7, 365.  YUP, read on to hear how we're going to hook you up with the summer essentials.
This song by Powers called Heavy has a heavy back beat that makes you want to dance, but it's groovy feel let's you listen with ease.  We are so excited by the discovery of this song, just an all around heavy hitter, and going on the top of our summer play lists.


The Carve pick of the week is our year round classic, the Dylan Gauze Shirt.  Flattering popover four-button style makes this lightweight cotton shirt a must for summer.  Layer up for year round wear.  We carry this top in 10 different colors and prints.  Easy styling and sheerness lets you wear it open over a bikini or tank for versatility.  This top is definitely a heavy hitter and a staple for every closet.

Dylan gauze


The drink recipe is one of the office faves because it is a drink that epitomizes summer time, the Arnold Palmer; half lemonade, half iced tea.   This version has a touch of pomegranate and is, of course, spiked.  With only three ingredients, you can whip it up in a jiff and enjoy on your front porch in the shade from the hot sun.

3 cups prepared iced tea
1 cup prepared lemonade
1/2 cup PAMA Liqueur
Arnold palmer
Rock on and enjoy your weekend!
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