Friday Distractions: Jammin' into Summer....

Friday Distractions: Jammin' into Summer....

Happy Memorial Day weekend.  This long weekend is given to us, as yet, another gift from those who have died for us in combat.  It is with the utmost respect and gratitude that we give a moment of silence to pay our respects to the many Americans who have given their lives to grant us this biggest gift we have, Freedom.  

This weekend marks the first unofficial weekend of summer for most.  The Carve Designs office is buzzing with excitement as we swap long weekend plans, some are heading to the beach, some are competing in running races and one poor soul is moving. Whatever is it you have planned for the long weekend take a minute this Friday to learn a new song, a new drink recipe for your memorial Day BBQs and check out the Carve Designs beach pant that is a serious summer staple.

The song today is called Just Jammin' and it aptly named because the musician, Gramatik, a Slovenian hip hop and electronic music producer, just jams away in this song for over an hour.  Not kidding, click here, plug in your ear buds and get down for the next hour to the uber groovy, soulful and funky beats.


Nothing more American than Freedom, Beer and Whiskey.  Since you don't need help pouring yourself a beer, here is an incredibly simple and delicious whiskey recipe.  


Whisky Lemonade with Honey. Serves one.

2 tablespoons whiskey (I like Maker's Mark)
juice of two fresh lemons
club soda
honey simple syrup
sweetened lime juice

In a medium size glass combine 2 tablespoons whiskey, juice of two fresh lemons, ice then fill the rest of the glass with club soda. Add honey simple syrup to taste. If you're not a big fan of honey use regular simple syrup. Add a splash of sweetened lime juice and garnish with a fresh lemon.

Our go-to long weekend pant is the Avery Beach Pant . The pant is super comfortable, feels like a pair of pajama pants, but is incredibly chic and literally flatters EVERYONE.  We love wearing these on the beach with a bikini top and bare feet after a surf session just as much as dressing them up with sandals and silky top for dinner out.  They're available in two easy-to-wear prints, the Teanu which is a geometric black and grey, and the Anchor Kauai, the more tropic palm leaf print. 

Happy long weekend, enjoy!

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