Friday Distractions - The Best Type of Layer

Friday Distractions - The Best Type of Layer

Carve Designs Layering Vest


Alright. It's officially cold-weather season. The temperatures have turned in Central California, and my social media feed has been filled with winter wonderland scenes all week. Now, I'll be the first to admit that this abrupt seasonal shift is a little intense (and perhaps very much so for those of you who spent Halloween in the snow!), but it's also the perfect time to bust out all of that seasonal apparel.


Frankly, the new clothes element of weather changes is my favorite part. This fall and winter, we have two new items that I'm so excited to talk about: VESTS. These are not your average puffy vest, no-no. These new designs are soft, slimming, and incredibly cozy. 

Carve Designs Silverton Vest

When I first pulled the Silverton Reversible vest out of the box, I snuggled it up to my face. Really. I couldn't help myself. It's the softest puffy vest I've ever encountered. The Matte Nylon shell is filled with a combination of cruelty-free Swiss down and down fill, which results in an incredibly soft yet lightweight vest. The vintage styling is so on point with this season's trends, and since it's reversible, it's two vests in one. It's the additional layer that will warm you up and add another element of style to so many different outfits. Plus, it folds small enough that if the weather warms up during the middle of the day, you can pop the vest in your bag. If you happen to be in a colder or perhaps rainier region, it's soft packability makes it a perfect under a heavy coat or rain jacket.


Carve Designs Zane Vest

Next up is the Zane Vest. I'm excited to highlight both vests in one post because they are so different from one another. Yes, they're both down-filled, but the fabric on the Zane vest is what truly sets it apart. To start, it boasts a sherpa fleece in the neck-lining, making it extra cozy — a total deal-maker feature for me. The rest of the vest is also super warm, and a combination of wool felt on the upper body and waxed cotton on the bottom, making this an ideal layer for colder, wet days. Both the wool felt and waxed cotton are water-resistant and wicking, so you can head out into the snow and not worry that you'll feel cold and soggy after a few minutes. Additionally, this blend of fabrics and textures is visually appealing and makes the style of the vest both eye-catching and adorable.


Both the Zane vest and the Silverton vest are excellent additions to both active or casual wardrobes. Pair them with a short sleeve top, hoodie, and leggings or pull one on with a sweater, shirt, and jeans. You can't go wrong as these two items were designed for the shoulder seasons with versatility in mind. 


Stay Warm!




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