Friday Distractions: Ready to unwind this Friday evening?  Here's how.

Friday Distractions: Ready to unwind this Friday evening? Here's how.

Relax, it's Friday...need help?  Read on.
Friday, we welcome thee.  Not really in the mood to whip it up tonight, this Friday feels more like the "put on a pair of cozy leggings, spin a Chris Isaak album and sip some Japanese whiskey" kind of eve.  The great thing about Carve Designs clothing is that the pieces are so multi purpose it's almost too much to keep track of; take the Dakota Tight, for example.  This is a tight you can put on for a run when the temperatures drop. It's made of a poly spandex blend that is cozy, yet quick dry.  It's herringbone fabric also allows this leggings to be paired with a sweater or cute top and a pair of booties and be worn to dinner or the office...I kid you not (see what our friends over at POPSUGAR had to say).  The legging can also triple as a lounge cozy, Friday night chill pant with a loose tee and slippers.  Tripling it's duty, this is a must have Carve Designs item.  Two colors offered: Black and Clay.
Japanese whisky poured, cozy clothes what to listen to?  Don't forget about the mellow almost crooner like sound of the super hot Chris Isaak.  This man has put out so many great albums and so many great songs it doesn't really even matter which one you play.  But because his most well known song, Wicked Games, is so incredibly good, we are going to suggest this tune.  Also, a huge fan of the entire album: Baja Sessions because of the infusion of latin guitar in his strumming.  Check out the Carve Designs Friday Distractions playlist on Spotify to hear our chosen tune plus many more greats.
Chris Isaak
Happy Friday and Carve on...XO Team Carve
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