Friday Distractions: Sunset Spritz

Friday Distractions: Sunset Spritz

As we head full speed into August, I am dreaming about warm nights, watching the sun sink down over the horizon. Thinking sunsets on the island of Hawaii, hanging on the balcony in a bikini top, cutoff orange crush corduroy shorts and rope sandals. This song from Francis and the Lights (which includes Kanye) really captures the mood. 

My cocktail diversion of the week is an Aperol Spritz - the bright orange Italian aperitif.  Aperol Spritz might be considered a national drink for Italy - we love it for its bright, not too sweet taste, and how easy it is to mix. 

Aperol comes from Padua, and is made of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and Chinchona (also known as Peruvian Bark).  It was invented in 1919, and is still made the same way today. 

To make a great Spritz, you need: 

Ice and a slice of orange 

3 parts Prosecco 

2 parts Aperol 

1 part soda 

Serve in a wine glass, mason jar or anything you have handy (red Solo cup!).  Garnish with mint for extra fancy flair. 

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