Friday Distractions: The Labor Day Pimm's Cup

Friday Distractions: The Labor Day Pimm's Cup

We've been looking forward to Labor Day weekend for a few weeks now. It's a little bittersweet, as it signals the end of white shoes, school vacations and for some, those precious beach days. 

So we're marking it with a Pimm's Cup cocktail - an herbaceous, carmel-y concoction, refreshing but with a little hint of dark, sweet fall. It is simple to make, and easy to jazz up with cucumbers, oranges, strawberries, apples and mint (it's basically a fruit salad if you missed lunch).  

The simplest fail-safe recipe is Pimm's alcohol (find it in the liqueur section, or oddly, near the gin), your favorite ginger ale (I love Fevertree) and some sliced fruit (traditionally apples, oranges and cucumbers). Garnish with a little mint if you are feeling fancy.  Roughly 1/3 Pimm's to 2/3 ginger ale, or to your taste. Alcohol content is pretty low, making it a great afternoon-er. The Pimm's people of course have a great website about everything you can do with Pimm's if you are feeling the need to be official or fancy. 

BTW, according to the Farmer's Almanac, there are still 20 days left of Summer. We plan to keep the season going as long as possible. 


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