Friday Distractions: Those Summer Nights

Friday Distractions: Those Summer Nights

Summer time is in full swing and we are very distracted by hot summer nights.  There is something incredibly special about these nights that stay lighter longer and warmer well after the sun dips behind the horizon.  It's the season where you can use the nights to swim outdoors, chase fireflies, watch fireworks, go to parties on the beach, grill for friends and family and listen to the steady hum of bugs singing until the sun welcomes a new day.  

Our Friday Distractions blog is a chance for us to share things we love with all of you.  The song picks generally come from one of the Carve co-founders, Jen.  She collects new, fresh songs like shells on a beach and loves sharing her passion for finding great new music.  Our hope, is that you too, discover great music that resonates with you through our blog.  This weeks song pick is by Niki and the Dove.  The song, You Want the Sun, is one of those tunes that you play on summer nights while you decompress from the week over a chilled glass of Sauvignon has that cool factor that makes you want to press repeat all night long.

Sometimes we like to switch things up and this week we are inspired by the use of a disco ball as an interior design element.  If done well, the disco ball, an 80s throwback, can bring so much life and happiness into a room.  One of our Carve employees had one in her living room that she has spinning most summer nights.  Check out this blog for more ideas of how to make it work.  Is this something you would do in your home?

disco ball

Now for the Carve Designs item of the week.  We chose to share the Ipanema Top because you will be needing something to wear on those summer nights.

Ipanema top

We pulled out all the stops on this one.  This top features crochet detailing surrounding an open placket collar, front tie cords with tassels, and a drawcord hem. A relaxed fit and elasticized 3/4 length sleeves finish off the look.  We carry two different prints; the navy palm print and a black, grey and white print called Teanu.  Made of rayon this top hangs elegantly and packs well.

Happy Friday and enjoy your summer nights!

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