Get up and out and enjoy - weekends here!

Get up and out and enjoy - weekends here!

Sometimes it's the little things that make us happy. Northern California has had a rough couple of weeks with the fires burning and the smokey air, but the skies have recently turned blue again. Just breathing the fresh air made us smile. Just getting outside in the sunshine feels like a mini-vacation right now. This year has thrown us all a lot of curveballs, but we're still here. Making the most of it. 

In order to carpe diem, let's sling some soothing tunes with Christine and the Queens. The latest album is full of the trademark French-English lyrics, big synth swoops, downtempo beats, and raw emotion. It's one to not miss. 

Also, something to not miss is the latest rosé offerings from Miraval. Close your eyes as you sip and it really feels like you have a little bit of the French Riviera in your hand. 

One artist who always seems to be making the most of their time is Alex Katz. Now in his 90's, his sculptures, paintings, and prints stand in a class all their own. Katz has painted his wife, Ada, over two hundred times, and his latest show ranged from huge canvases to notebook-sized works brimming with summer day nostalgia.

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