Look Good While You Get Down: Pro Tips For Music Festival Goers

Look Good While You Get Down: Pro Tips For Music Festival Goers

Summer is music festival season here in Northern California, and San Francisco-based Outside Lands is our hometown favorite. From the fun and eclectic lineup to the proximity to the ocean, it always leaves us wanting more. We’re fresh off the heels of this year’s event, and in between downloading a bunch of our new favorite songs we’ve assembled a list of pro tips for maximizing our favorite music event of the year.

Where To Stay

 It’s no secret that we’re part mermaid here at Carve, so this year we airbnb’d a boat instead of a hotel for our Outside Lands accommodations. The marina is close enough to Golden Gate Park to Uber back and forth and it was fun to try something different. Staying on a boat definitely makes for some close quarters, but on a weekend like this where we don’t need a lot of gear and don’t need to spend much time getting all fancy, it was perfection.

Sanitas Bikini Top at Outside Lands

How To Get Around 

Whether or not you opt for floating accommodations like we did, stay as close as you can to Golden Gate Park and either ride your own bike or use a bike share. OSL has bike valet and places to lock up your ride — that way you won’t get stuck in traffic and you can role up to the venue easily. If you’re farther out, Uber Pool is cheap and easy because everyone is headed in the same direction and you get to meet new friends on the way.  


What To Wear

We can’t stress this enough: The key to staying comfy at OSL is all about layers. It gets cold in August in SF, so expect a very different look than Coachella. We opted for the Sanitas bikini top as a crop top for midday, the Southold Hoodie for the first chill, and a vegan leather moto jacket to ensure that we were warm well into the final act of the night. We also noticed lots of jogger pants and scarves (love this versatile Dylan scarf). You’ll also definitely want boots or closed toed shoes so cold muddy feet don’t cramp your style. We rocked our favorite high-tops from Seavees, but noticed lots of Tom’s and combat boots too. Lastly, it doesn't hurt to have a VIP ticket, which gets you into warmer places to lounge while you chill between sets


Must-Have Gear

Staying hydrated is the thinking woman’s secret to feeling great well into the night, and a collapsible water bottle is the secret weapon to make this as easy as possible. Stash your bottle, as well as some baby wipes, lip balm and sunscreen in a comfy saddle bag. Lately we’re obsessed with the Rangefinder Seabag for our travels both near and far.  

To all our fellow Outside Lands goers — thank you for an amazing weekend of salty air and music that made our spirit soar. In the words of one of our favorite acts, Lana Del Rey, “You make me crazy. You make me wild.” See you out there next year.


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