Responsible Supply Chain


  • Carve Designs is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition–the apparel, footwear, and textile industry’s leading alliance for sustainable production.


  • California-based factories make a significant portion the high-quality swimwear, activewear and rashguards we sell. We remain committed to U.S. manufacturing and work with domestic factories as much as we can.


  • Carve Designs fosters deep relationships with its overseas factories, and our onsite managers visit the factories regularly (as often as daily during high production times) to ensure that workers are well compensated and treated fairly.
Responsible Supply Chain

Organic & Sustainable Fabrics

Mindful of the environment in which we live, Carve Designs uses sustainable fabric as much as possible.

Organic Cotton

  • Cotton made from non-genetically modified plants without pesticides keeps Mother Earth healthy and happy.


  • Tencel is a carbon neutral, biodegradable fabric derived from quickly renewable eucalyptus trees.


  • Modal is a carbon neutral, biodegradable fabric derived from quickly renewable beech trees.

Giving Back

The Send It Foundation

  • The mission of the Send It Foundation is to inspire positivity, courage and gratitude in young adult cancer fighters through the gift of outdoor adventure and community.
  • Carve Designs partners with the Send It Foundation to take young adult cancer fighters on surf trips.

She Jumps

  • SheJumps mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities.
  • Carve Designs is the presenting sponsor of SheJumps’ SUMMER SURF & SUP SERIES designed to introduce women and girls to water activities.