12 Days of Christmas | Days 5-8 By Yours Truly

12 Days of Christmas | Days 5-8 By Yours Truly

I don't want a lot for Christmas but there is just one thing I need…accessories. Alright, I know, I know. Accessories are a whole category, not just one thing. But what’s really fun about an accessories-based gift is that you can pull together a fun collection of a few small things and wrap them up in a cute package. An accessory also makes a great Secret Santa or grab bag gift - they work for everyone and you don’t have to worry about sizing!


Arroyo Fedora


First up is the Arroyo Fedora. This is not your basic winter cap. This chic wool fedora has an understated brim and a comfortable fit. It’s the perfect size to pack in a carry-on and easily tucks into a purse. This piece is an excellent accent to any winter outfit. Bonus: this hat isn’t sized so it fits a wide range of women. Tuck this beauty into a gift bag, and you’re ready for your next holiday event!




Winter is long and a new beanie and scarf can give you a boost during the winter doldrums. The classic Walsh Beanie & Walsh Scarf is a super cozy combo that can bring a bright spot during those long, cold days. Wear together for extra warmth or pair them individually for a comfy (and super cute!) winter look.


Tulip Necklace


The Tulip Necklace might actually be the best stocking-stuffer you come across this season. Or you could order now and snag it to spice up your next holiday look! Paired with a cute top and jeans or with a little black dress, this black, and white tassel necklace would be the ideal accent necklace for your New Year’s Eve ensemble.


August Wrap


Last (but certainly not least) on our Accessories list is the August Wrap. This is a timeless cozy piece that is a fantastic gift for any of the ladies in your life. In fact, I think this is an excellent gift option for those hard-to-shop-for ladies. Gift them the gift of a super comfy wool wrap. It’s one size and will keep them toasty all winter long.

Stay tuned for our final installment of the 12 Days of Christmas this week over on Instagram!

Happy gifting!



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