Carla Zamora's Go-to Swimsuit for Surfing Big Waves!

Longtime longboarder Carla Zamora surfs waves all around the globe – from small logging waves to powerful, overhead swell – and her dynamic surf style requires that her swimsuit stay in place. “Surfing is my main form of exercise and expression, so I really don’t want to be fussing over my bikini when there are waves to ride! There’s little time to adjust when you paddle over a wave only to have the water flush through your bottoms, sending them southward.”

When Carla surfs the warm waters of her home in the Philippines, her go-to surfing top is Carve Designs' Sanitas Reversible Bikini Top, “the most worry-free surf top on the market.” It comes in 5 different reversible prints and colors.

Carve Designs Swimsuits

The high neck and seamless design of the Sanitas top make it super reliable, as well as comfortable for conditions of all sorts. Not to mention it’s reversible, so you basically have two tops in one!”
Carla's go-to pick for surfing big waves is Zena Reversible Bikini Bottom by Carve Designs: 

Carve Designs Swimsuits

“The inner waistband drawstring allows you to tighten to your preference. The rear coverage is snug enough to keep from going up my bum, but not so full that I look like a granny! I’ve gone through a number of styles and brands and these are the best surf bottoms yet!”

Carve Designs makes swimsuits for active women who want to keep moving and have fun without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions. Check out the latest swimwear. “Carve fits my style," says Carla. And she's off!
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