5 Reasons We’re Obsessed With Our New Active Wear Line

5 Reasons We’re Obsessed With Our New Active Wear Line

No More Muffin Top: Talora Leggings from Carve Designs

None of us here at Carve are just one thing. Were not just surfers or yogis or outdoors-women or moms or girlfriends or bosses or nomads. Were all of those things. It takes stamina and balance and focus to be all those things and to do them well. So we train accordingly. We carve out time to connect with our breath and our bodies, to quiet the outside noise, and to create our own movement. We bend without breaking. We run without quitting. We do the work to get stronger, fitter, better. Were athletes, each in our own way.

Which is why we created an active wear line that can actually keep up with us. Were sick of too tight, too see-through, too frumpy, too revealing, too constricting, too boring. Enough. It was time to up the game, so we did. Here are five reasons were obsessed with our new active wear line:

  • One word: Talora. Our signature active wear fabric, Talora is 87% polyester, 13% spandex and 100% amazing. You have to feel it to believe it, and once you do, youll sing it like the Ricola cough drop theme song. TA-Lorrra! Its soft and stretchy enough to wear to bed, but retains its flattering shape and slimming fit through even the sweatiest workout. This is the fabric youve been dreaming about. We've made it into sweatshirts, leggings, tights...even a dress. 

Talora Tight from Carve DesignsTalora Tight from Carve Designs

  • A fit that wont quit. The wide contoured, double ply waistband of the Talora Tight http://www.carvedesigns.com/products/talora-tight is as muffin-top proof as youre going to find in a yoga pant. The back yoke and angled vertical seams of the Baya Capri are the non-surgical equivalent of a Brazilian butt lift. Cozy, flattering, forgiving and hard-working, these pants and capris have become our go-to for yoga, hiking, sweating at the gym and lounging with a movie. Were in love.
  • Mix and match like whoa. We took the prints and patterns we love so much in our swimwear and carried a lot of them right on over to our active wear. Which means you can match a bikini top to some capris for a tan-tastic Saturday hike. Or rock the Minna Gym Shorts with the Catalina Tankini  forwell just about anything active. The options are endless. Just like our weekend plans.
  • Layering is life. From bikini tops to tank tops to jackets, and boy shorts to gym shorts to full-length tights, weve got you covered. Everything works together. Everything goes together. No matter where the day takes you, what way the wind blows, or whether or not the clouds roll in. We dont have time for complicated costume changes or lugging around unnecessary gear, and we doubt you do, either. 
  • Quality you can count on. Every item we make at Carve has one thing in common: We designed it to keep up with us, in our wild, beautiful, real life. We didnt design our active wear for window shopping and movie dates (although we dont blame you for wearing it there). We designed it to move with our bodies, wick our sweat, dry in the sun, and survive a brush against a boulder or the 1000th spin cycle in your washing machine. No frayed seams. No see-though butts. No fading. No chafing. Bottom line: These clothes have no quit. Just like us.

Life is a sport and were here to play it. We play fair but hard, and we celebrate both our wins and our losses. Youll know us by our can-do spirit, our stellar high-fives, and our uniform. Dressed by Carve. Fueled by the sun. See you out there.

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