Friday Distractions: Don't Worry Bout It

Friday Distractions: Don't Worry Bout It


Here to give you a couple distractions to help you get to the end of the day and ready for the weekend with our weekly song pick, drink recipe and Carve Designs product.

As I write this post I am listening to Kings - Don't Worry Bout it.  The Kings are not an incredibly well known band (read only one song on Spotify), so we are pretty excited about sharing this hot single from this hot band (see YouTube vid for hot lead singer). The best part of this video is it was an impromptu shot on Mana Island in Fiji for the George FM Bluesky party.  What's that you ask?  BlueSky FIJI is the pioneer of music festivals in Fiji, having chartered a Boeing 777 and Sonaisali Island Resort in 2012, BlueSky fired home the first international music festival in Fiji and has never looked back, selling out every year within hours!  Check out the link and start making plans for the 2017 Festival on November 12th-15th.

I'm keeping it simple, easy and, dare I say, healthy for this weeks drink menu.  Moscow mules made with ginger kombucha instead of ginger beer! If you love kombucha, you’ll love kombucha Moscow mules. Just add vodka and lime.


  • 1 part vodka
  • 3 parts kombucha (ginger or gingerberry)
  • ½ lime, juiced


  1. Fill a highball glass with ice. Pour in 1 part vodka (say, 1.5 ounces) and top it off with 3 parts kombucha (so 4.5 ounces). Add a generous squeeze of lime and a lime wheel for garnish (totally optional).

The Carve pick of the week is the Alexandra One Piece.  A great suit for all sizes it is supportive and sexy.  Halter neck tie, deep V and ruched side, this suit has it all.  It comes in 4 solids and two prints and just the suit to wear to a music festival in Fiji!


Have a wonderful weekend, get out there and carve!

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