Friday Distractions (& Giveaway!): Holiday Season Has Us Distracted

Friday Distractions (& Giveaway!): Holiday Season Has Us Distracted

Welcome to November—and the holiday season!!  Just after eating one piece too many of sugary Halloween goodness, comes the onslaught of holiday cheer, and in some cases, holiday stress.  But alas, as the chaos of the season sets in, we are here to challenge you to embrace that calm content feeling that inspires us at the beach. Take a 5 minute break before you walk out the door every morning to remember who you are and what grounds you.  Simply make the choice to smile—it's the perfect way to start your day in the right direction. And should you need a little encouragement to unwind at the end of the day, keep reading!

Today, we are bringing you a fresh tune that's bound to start your weekend off right and keep things chill this holiday season. Cedar Wood Pines, by The Brother Comatose, is a song with beauty, soul and a mellow rhythm.  The music video is a take on an old country western, so give it a watch and zone out to the easy vibes of this gorgeous tune.

cedar wood pines

No better way to decompress than with a beverage that takes a little bit of artistry and is not only delicious but gives you a whole lot of pride to create.  This lovely seasonal drink called The Figa is made with a fig infused vodka prepared by you a couple days in advance. This drink is so seasonally on point and will help you unwind. 



12 oz fig-infused vodka

6 oz earl grey tea

9 oz fresh tangerine juice

Fresh fig wedges

For Fig-infused Vodka: Combine equal parts dried figs and vodka in a vacuum-sealed bag and sous vide at 170* for 2-3 hours or until figs start to become colorless, or combine equal parts dried figs and vodka and store in airtight container in refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Combine vodka, tea, and tangerine juice and refrigerate. To serve, stir well and pour over ice into rocks glasses. Garnish with a fig wedge.

As the temps are starting to drop, we suggest you let your mind wander to your next warm weather vacation. We just released our new Resort Collection and we think you need to take a look- tons of fresh colors and styles. Take the Molly Hooded Sunshirt for example:



On afternoon of surfing or running, zip up in the new Molly Sunshirt, whether you are wet or dry. Stay protected from the elements in comfort and style.  A hood to protect from sun and wind plus two zipper pockets makes our this new style a must have for all water sports as well as throwing on as a cheery layer during your winter runs.

November Giveaway

We want to give you a head start on your warm weather escape planning with our #FirstFriday Giveaway! We're giving away the new Molly Hooded Sunshirt. It's bound to be your new go-to layer. Click and enter to win on our Instagram. The winner will be announced next Friday (11/10), good luck! 

Happy November y'all!

XO The Carve Team

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