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Friday Distractions: Hot Thoughts & Sabelle Bikini...Cool Down with a Spritzer

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As the weather starts to thaw, we are rocking out and warming it up with one of our favorite tunes, Hot Thoughts by Spoon.  This weekends "Hot Thoughts" include hanging on a hot beach in the hot Sabelle bikini and sipping Rosé (all day) Spritzers. It might not be a reality...but a girl can dream!

If you haven't already, check out Spoon's latest's all good!


Rosé season is upon us, try something new and light with this super refreshing recipe. The nice thing is, it's really easy!  All you need is:

• one bottle of chilled rosé
• 3 cans of sparkling grapefruit water, we used la croix
• 2 grapefruits cut into sections
• gin if you want to make it extra boozy
• raspberries and cherries for garnish

Prep your glass but running a piece of grapefruit peel around the rim, add ice and

add your rosé, the measurement on this is going to be total preference but about 4 ounces. Add about 3 ounces of sparkling grapefruit water, 2 tablespoons fresh grapefruit juice and as an option, a splash of gin, about .5 ounces.



Top it all off with our Sabelle Bikini and your weekend is made!  

Hot Thoughts indeed!




Enjoy your weekend!








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