Friday Distractions: Mexico.  Distracted?  We are too.

Friday Distractions: Mexico. Distracted? We are too.

We are heading to Mexico next week for a photo shoot and it has us incredibly distracted this Friday! Whether you are or you aren't jet-setting for a Spring Break vacation, take yourself to Mexico by mixing this amazing take on the margarita.  It's both spicy and refreshing at the same time and we are huge fans!  Note the use of the serrano pepper instead of the standard jalapeno and loving the Hawaiian black lava salt for the rim, so next level!

Check out the recipe here!

Have you heard the acoustic guitar wonderment called Mexico, by Cake?  Very appropriate for our trip, can't wait for mariachi all day long!

Top off this Mexican experience with our Madeline One Piece in the Reed Parisio print. This suit is so versatile and will keep the strong rays off you while you surf, swim or play on the beach.  It's a must have piece for all water active women. Muy caliente!

Feliz Friday everyone!!

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